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Kissmedeadlydoll is a NYC based rope lover and avid self-suspender. After discovering her love of rope as a demo model, she quickly began recreating and practicing ties on her own.. thus starting her foray into obsessive amounts of auto-bondage and suspension. 

Primarily self taught through trial and error, four and a half years later she is sharing her love of self-suspending as a creator via her photography (aka the "selftie selfie"), showcasing her skills at various public events, and teaching others how to safely enjoy rope bondage. 

With a background in fashion design & leather craft, it was really only a matter of time until fetishism and fashion lines started to collide in a personal and professional manner. Always searching for new ways to portray bondage mixed with artistic styling and presentation, this is just the beginning... 

Her goal in all self-suspensions is to be the rigger and the bottom, adapt those same concepts of how one ties someone else... to tie yourself. To educate and inspire others, to collaborate and find something new. 


Kissmedeadlydoll is not offering private lessons at this time.

Workshops & Intensives - Doll has experience traveling the world to teach self-suspension workshops. She is open to scheduling travel to teach in your community as well! 

Email for more information.


Have an event you're planning and want something a "little different" for the entertainment portion? 

Kissmedeadlydoll has performed several self-suspension routines internationally and can customize a theme for the performance specific to your event. 

Doll also performs as a rigger with her artistic partner MildredSPierce. They can be hired as a duo for interactive suspension performances. 

She is also an experienced bondage model & available as a bottom/model for performances in the NYC area.

Artistic Collaborations

Doll is always open to collaborating with other artists! As a model, photographer, rope bondage specialist for photo shoots, performances, videos, etc etc. :) 

However, please respect the fact that she dedicates a large portion of her time to developing her tying skills and doing it safely! Quality work comes with a day rate or an hourly fee depending on the size of the project. 

Keep up with Doll via Instagram!

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