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Rope Session Bookings

I am currently offering rope sessions for those who are fully vaccinated, and will also be asking for proof of negative rapid test pre-session. I am also vaccinated & testing regularly before sessions.

A rope session is typically around 2 hours- leaving room for discussion before about risk awareness, how you’re feeling that day, what you're hoping to experience in the session, and of course consent for what the session will include. There is also time included afterwards for any aftercare needs. I do offer photos of your session if wanted, however the focus of a rope session is not the photography or modeling.. it is much more focused on your experience. 

Please note I am not a dominatrix & do not offer FSSW. 

When inquiring about booking a rope session, please include a social media handle (IG, Twitter, FB, etc) and what you're looking for in a rope session.

Photo or Video Shoot Bookings

The same Covid protocols are in place for booking photo shoots as well. 

I am creating different themed sets every couple of months in my photography studio in Brooklyn. I specialize in kink/fetish, dramatic fantasy, boudoir, fashion, lighting, and styling for a range of professional photography & videography creation. 

Get in touch and let me know a bit more about what you want to create for your shoot and let's make it happen! I also provide a discount for other sex workers who want me to shoot their photos or video content. 

I do charge an extra fee if you want rope bondage to be a part of your shoot. 

I am not offering shoots or rope sessions for trade at this time.

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